Types Of Hats: 18 Of The Most Popular Styles Throughout History

June 3, 2024
types of hats

Are hats your favorite go-to accessory? These seemingly simple pieces of headwear have a long and interesting history that you might not be aware of. Caps have been worn for centuries, often used to help protect people from the elements when working outside.

However, you don’t need to only wear a hat to shield your face from the sun. Headwear can also add personality and color to your wardrobe, making it easy to look stylish for any occasion.

At A Glance

  • People wear hats for style, to shield themselves from the elements, or to support a brand or team.
  • Double Portion Supply is a leader in premier custom hats and offers affordablestylish hat options.
  • Baseball caps are the most popular hat type.
  • Many hats can be customized with logos and promotional materials.

Keep reading to learn more about the various hat styles that have thrived throughout history.

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What is the Most Popular Hat Style?

navy snapback hat


Baseball hats are the most popular hat style. About 51% of people who wear hats consider baseball caps as their favorite. Both men and women wear them, which can be a great way to advertise a business, support a team, or rally for a cause.

Baseball caps come in various colors, sizes, and styles, making it easy to find one you love. Their visor helps protect your face from the sun, and they can help pull your hair away from your face when working outside.

Why Should I Wear a Hat?

There are many benefits to wearing a hat. You should wear one if you’re looking for an affordable and comfortable way to add to your style, keep your hair out of your face, or protect yourself from the sun.

Hats can also be a statement piece or a way to add personality to your wardrobe. Regardless of why you wear a hat, finding a hat style you like is essential.

Types of Hats

Whether you want a customized snapback hat or a chic dad cap, there are limitless options when it comes to headwear. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Trucker Caps

solid turquoise trucker hat

Trucker caps are a type of baseball cap. They feature breathable mesh on the back and have plenty of room on the front for customization. Double Portion Supply features a variety of trucker caps to promote your business or for a fashion statement.

2. Beach Hats

beach hat and sunglasses by the ocean in the sand

If you’re headed to the beach, these wide-brimmed hats can provide shade from the sun. Beach hats can also be called sun hats, brimmed hats, floppy hats, or harvest hats.

The beach hat is round with a semi-rigid brim that wraps around to shade the face and neck. Pairing the beach hat with a bathing suit or sundress creates a stylish look while offering shade from the elements.

3. Boater Hats

straw boater hat in the grass
straw boater hat in the grass

Boater hats are also often used as sun protection. They are round and have a rigid, flat crown and brim. The boater hat was first popularized in the 19th and 20th centuries. Many boater hats are made of straw and have a ribbon around the crown.

4. Apple Cap

Apple caps are made of wool with an elastic band. Also known as “the artist hat” and “the big apple hat,” this tasteful cap appeals to creatives. Apple hats were first worn in New York in the seventies and eighties. If you have a round face shape, apple caps are a good hat choice!

5. Boho Hats

boho hat black and white stripe
boho hat black and white stripe

Bohemian hats, also known as boho hats, were first worn in the 19th century and have been known to capture the traveler’s spirit.

There are many types of Boho hats, which include:

  • Floppy hats
  • Straw hats
  • Wide brim fedoras

Often floppy and made of straw, boho hats were first worn in the 19th century. Early hat wearers did so to allow for personal artistic expression and reject cultural norms. Boho hats encompass many hat styles and are versatile. Many people wear boho hats and summer clothes.

6. Baseball Caps

the mint banana leaf black denim snapback

Baseball caps are a popular choice for many reasons. Some people wear them to support their favorite sports team, and others wear them for comfort, style, and affordability.

There are many kinds of baseball caps, which include:

  • Snapback hats
  • Strapback hats
  • Trucker hats

Finding a baseball cap you like is easy with Double Portion Supply, as there are nearly limitless styles and designs to choose from.

7. Cloche Hats

black and brown cloche hat

Looking for an old-fashioned hat? Cloche hats are an old-fashioned style typically worn by women. French for bell, “cloche,” hats are bell-shaped, with a short brim all the way around.

Cloche hats are a typical women’s style of hat and offer a charming and elegant look.

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8. Field Caps

Field caps have a short brim, round crown, and flat top. Their stiff visor distinguishes them from other types of hats.

These caps are sometimes known as patrol caps or military caps. Some branches of the military require these hats to be worn when combat hats aren’t necessary.

9. Fedora Hats

black fedora hat

If you love a classic, sophisticated look, a fedora hat style might suit you. Fedora hats were introduced in the 1890’s by Victorien Sardou. It was named after the main character in Sardou’s play “Fedora.”

Fedoras are usually made with felt, wool, or cashmere. Donning a fedora can make you a trendsetter if you’re going for a look of elegance.

10. Homburg Hat

Formal men’s hats have been a staple in men’s fashion for decades. Homburg hats are a classic men’s style made of fur. They have a dent in the center of the crown and give a semi-formal look. These fur-felt hats feature a wide grosgrain ribbon.

11. Outback Hats

outback hat tan with leopard print ribbon

Outback hats are Australian hats that help protect the wearer from the harsh sun. They have a wide brim and comfortable crown so that they can be worn all day in the sun, and the wearer can maintain comfort.

12. Beanie Hats

the matrix beanie black knit red and green stripes

The beanie hat style continues to be one of the most popular hats. Though they are often worn in cold weather, many trend-setters choose to wear them year-round. Most beanies are made of cloth or wool.

Some beanies even have pom pom decorations on the top of the crown. Whatever beanie style you like, these warm-weather hats offer practicality and style!

13. Bucket Hats


moss palms bucket hat

Bucket hats or fisherman hats are a favorite choice for those who love being on the water. They are often worn in warm weather to protect the wearer from the sun.

In recent years, the bucket hat trend has really started to take off – even Vogue has complimented this remarkable fashion choice!

14. Cocktail Hats

Cocktail hats are elegant, brimless hats worn by women at black-tie events and cocktail parties. They are typically lightweight and made for evening wear.

15. Western Hats

brown leather cowboy hat

Western hats, or cowboy hats, are a common wardrobe item for those who love the classic Western look. With a high crown and wide brim, cowboy hats are loved by many, from ranchers to country music artists.

16. Bowler Hats

black bowler hat

Bowler hats are made of hard felt and have a rounded crown. They were originally created by William and Thomas Bowler in the 1800s. They can be worn informally or with semi-formal attire.

17. Newsboy Caps

Newsboy or paperboy caps have been a popular hat style since the 1800s. Working-class boys and men wore them in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Men often wore them while selling or delivering newspapers.

They have many names, including:

  • Newsie caps
  • Newsy caps
  • Bakerboy caps

Newsboy caps have small stiff brims and a rounded crown. They are often made from tweed and look a little baggy when you wear them. They can be distinguished from similar flat bill caps by looking for a button at the top, where the hat materials come together.

18. Kettle Brim or Up-Brimmed Hats

For a classic look, up-brim or kettle-brimmed hats, which come in a variety of styles, are loved by people in summer or winter. They are elegant hats with a wide, upturned brim and go well with most face shapes.

Final Thoughts

Many hats have been in and out of style throughout history. And, luckily, finding a hat you love is easy. If you’re looking for a new hat, check out Double Portion Supply’s inventory. We’re the largest hat supplier in Hawaii and offer speedy fast shipping to other states.

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