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Screen Printing ink lasts the longest. Other printers use DTG(Direct to Garment) which washes off and fades quicker. We offer These Ink Types: Plastisol Ink(Vibrant), Waterbase Discharge(Soft and blends with Shirt), and Specialty Inks (Metallics for $1 more). You will find Our quality is Superior!

See Gildan Colors below for Regular T Shirts:

Custom T-Shirt Printing, Apparel, And More

We are all about offering endless possibilities when it comes to merchandise and apparel for your business. From T-shirt screen printing to high-quality embroidery, we can do it all to ensure you walk away with your creative vision fully executed.

For over twenty years, we’ve been Hawaii’s go-to company for anything from embroidered low-profile dad hats to colorfully custom T-shirts. Our team takes pride in knowing that each time we send out a product, it’s been carefully crafted with pristine quality, accuracy, and attention to detail.

We’ll be right there with you throughout the entire design process.

If you’re on the fence about the route you’re looking to take for your custom products, we’ll be able to give you the support you need to realize your full potential. We make complete customization our specialty and give our all to ensure each custom T-shirt is perfectly unique to you.

We take the idea of custom-printed T-shirts to the next level.

Whether you want to make your pick from our pre-made designs or you’re ready to use your own artwork, we take pride in ensuring each print we complete is totally custom. That way, we can ensure your custom apparel can truly represent your unique brand.

This is your chance to get customers repping your business.

Custom T-shirts give you and your company the perfect opportunity to showcase your edge while helping your brand stand out. Plastering your logo design on sweatshirts, T-shirts, and other clothing can help set you up with the promotional products you really need.

The easiest way to create T-shirt designs and promotional products.

With our services, easily find your favorite styles and create stunning garments with high printing quality.

Unparalleled experience and expertise

With over two decades of industry leadership, we bring unmatched expertise to custom T-shirt printing. Our skilled team excels in various printing techniques, ensuring your designs come to life with precision and top-tier quality.

Diversify the product lineup of your company and brand

Our custom T-shirt services make tailoring your order to unique needs easy. Unique wholesale packages not only save time but also ensure cost-effective solutions.

Custom screen printing services to elevate your brand

Our dedication to crafting effortlessly customizable shirts and merchandise sets us apart. Numerous customer testimonials attest to our commitment to the craft.

Shop for custom apparel and custom T-shirts in bulk here

We offer attractive rates for bulk purchases, ensuring substantial savings in time, effort, and money.

Plus, quick shipping you can count on

Benefit from industry-leading two-day shipping. Our processing time is the next business day, ensuring timely delivery of your custom apparel and T-shirts.

Stay on-trend with our insight into the latest materials and design innovations

Not only are our custom T-shirts crafted with high-quality materials, but we also offer a wide range of styles that will perfectly align with your needs.

See our iconic golden bill sticker in action on social media

Witness the quality of our work through visuals and testimonials on our social media platforms.

Plus, our efficient production process guarantees a no-minimum order quantity

We set the industry standard for efficient production, ensuring savings in both time and money on every order.

Curious about where to start?

Discover the perfect canvas for your brand with our user-friendly website. From your first order, we can help you turn your creative vision and entrepreneurial passion into reality.

We’ll give you a completely custom quote for your order

First, we’ll reach out and get to know you. Then, we’ll provide a detailed quote for your order, ensuring transparency in every aspect.

Then, unbox your delivery, and share what you created with your customers

After we ship you your custom T-shirts, it’s time to share your high-quality products with your fans and customers.

Join our many satisfied clients who have shared their experiences

Explore seamless ordering processes and exceptional custom apparel through the testimonials of satisfied customers.

Get inspired

Hit a dead end in your creative tee journey? We’ll help generate ideas reflecting your business so that we can print T-shirts that are unique to you.

Looking for other products?

Unlike competitors, we go beyond T-shirts. From custom caps to embroidered patches, our creativity extends to Hawaiian beach towels, custom mugs, wholesale snapback hats in bulk, stickers, and other accessories for your merch corner.

It’s about more than putting your logo on some hoodies or casual tees

Whether customizing a dad hat or bulk snapbacks, we can cater to your unique needs and wants. Being

Hawaii’s leader in wholesale hats for over two decades, we stand out from our competitors in terms of price, product range, and customer satisfaction.

Let’s focus on creating something amazing for your business.

Creating your T-shirt with your logo or design is made easy. Even if you don’t have your own T-shirt design on hand, we’ll help you craft an eye-catching logo. We offer various printing methods, from screen print to digital print, ensuring a seamless process.

Custom T-shirt in just a few clicks

Even though our T-shirt printing company is based in Hawaii, we serve companies and individuals all across the United States.

We have online ordering tools that help to streamline the process while guaranteeing affordable prices and extensive selection.

Fast shipping, arriving in just two days

Enjoy our two-day shipping and customer-centric packages, promising an incredible merch-shopping experience.

Create a custom shirt that represents your brand

Our T-shirt printing services make it easy to showcase the personality of your brand to your target audience.

Creating T-shirts online is easy with us on your side

For over two decades, we’ve served the islands of Hawaii and beyond in their custom hat and T-shirt needs. Thousands of customers and businesses have turned to us and we’ve earned their trust time and time again.

We make your mission our own

From excellent customer service to attractive wholesale packages and custom T-shirt printing services, we strive to provide exceptional custom-printed T-shirts. Our commitment is reflected in the high-quality items we produce and the bonds we form with our clients.

We pride ourselves on the high-quality items we put out, and the irreplaceable bonds that we form with the people around us!