11 Company Merch Ideas To Help Your Brand Stand Out

December 4, 2023

93% of employees have stated that receiving company swag helps them feel better connected to their organization and co-workers. Finding creative ways to showcase your brand is the key to putting your business on the map while building a positive culture within.

Key takeaways

  1. Custom embroidered snapback hats
  2. Premium T-shirts
  3. Low-profile dad hats
  4. Colorfully printed stickers
  5. Reusable water bottles
  6. All-over print socks
  7. Casual bucket hats
  8. Laptop cases
  9. Fanny packs
  10. Cozy robes
  11. Personalized notebooks

There’s nothing worse for a company than stale merch drawing from painfully overused designs. You can’t just settle for lifeless and unoriginal ideas if you want to give your brand the foundation to thrive.

Keep reading, and we’ll share the eleven best company swag ideas that will excite your employees and intrigue your clients!

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#1. Custom embroidered snapback hats

As we enter 2024, it’s more important than ever to find innovative and intriguing ways to represent your brand. Company swag is the perfect place to start when it comes to elevating your business’s presence in a wearable, sustainable way.

Great company swag is essential for more reasons than one.

Company swag items can help to give your employees a purpose, further connecting them to your organization’s mission. Fantastic promotional products also create the foundation by which you can efficiently and tastefully show off your brand to clients and customers!

a man looking at his phone wearing a blue hat custom swag boxes swag bag tech accessories coffee swag bag custom swag boxes company swag ideas fitness gearIt’s time to find the best company swag ideas to promote your brand

There are many different routes you can go when it comes to picking out the perfect branded swag for you and your team. But, by far, the best way to showcase your company’s unique edge is with custom headwear.

Unlike premium T-shirts which usually define an entire outfit, hats can be handsomely added to any look. It makes them versatile and easy to wear – so there’s never any reason why your clients won’t be donning them.

Beautifully embroidered snapback hats will help your brand bloom

You don’t need to settle for anything less than extraordinary when it comes to picking out the perfect custom swag item for your brand. When it comes down to it, custom snapback hats are the best way to promote your brand while letting your fan base stay stylish and trendy.

double portion supply limited edition denim green floral hat custom bluetooth speakers recycled pet fleece blanket wireless charger power bank on brand gift bag eco friendly
Limited Edition Denim Green Floral Snapback from Double Portion Supply

With Double Portion Supply’s hat printing and embroidery services, it’s easy to buy as many custom hats as you need to properly boost your brand. Whether you’re looking to copy and paste your company’s logo on the front of a vivid trucker hat or intricately designed snapbacks with an embroidered design, there are countless options to choose from.

#2. Premium T-shirts

We can’t just gloss over the most classic form of company swag items. Premium printed T-shirts are truly the best canvas for your brand’s vision, and it’s easy to make them your own!

T-shirts give your clients and customers the opportunity to proudly waltz about sporting your company logo. People love to have a chance to show support for the brands they love.

Plus, branded swag items like T-shirts are a better fashion statement than any normal, plain top.

a girl pointing at a white t shirt she's wearing good company swag important best company swag items tech accessories company swag stores All you need is to find the perfect design for your apparel and get your T-shirts custom screen-printed by Double Portion Supply. With seemingly infinite base colors to choose from, we make it easy to make your company’s newest swag item classy, colorful, and creative.

#3. Low-profile dad hats

It’s hard to get over how perfect hats can be when it comes to company swag ideas and corporate gifts. Though they’re pretty easy to customize, they carry a powerful punch when it comes to representing your brand and company culture.

The right cap can even help bring any outfit together in a tasteful fashion. Right now, dad hats are all the rage, and they’re only growing in popularity. They’re the perfect accessory for athletic attire and are the epitome of comfortable clothes!

double portion supply blue hipster dad hat employee swag items swag kit positive impression office supplies team spirit recycled materials phone wallet great swag
Blue Hipster Dad Hat from Double Portion Supply

Anything “dad” is pretty trendy at the moment, and that’s just another reason why you need to utilize dad hats in your collection of good company swag products.

With Double Portion Supply, you can make your dad hat merch something to remember. Anyone with one in their closet will be looking for any opportunity to toss it on their noggin. And that’s the best way to truly increase brand awareness!

#4. Colorfully printed stickers

Sometimes, more simple is better. Compact custom stickers allow you to plater your company’s branding any and everywhere in an effective and stylish manner.

double portion supply custom stickers and decals eco friendly power bank eco friendly eco friendly corporate swag idea custom blankets gift boxPlus, stickers are one of the most cost-effective and easily distributable types of promotional merchandise out there. Any and everyone can enjoy sticking one of these bad boys to anything they might come across!

Double Portion Supply offers any shape of printed stickers in full color and complete creativity. Though we’re based out of Hawaii, it’s easy for us to extend our hand to any business that’s in need of some custom artful swag across the entire United States.

From car bumpers to laptop cases, your custom sticker will have your company’s brand everywhere. It’s that simple!

#5. Reusable water bottles

Everyone drinks water. That much is a given. So, why not capitalize on that fact when it comes to creating amazing swag products?

Custom drinkware is always a hit. Not only is it visually appealing, but it’s amazingly practical. And useful swag is better than swag that has no purpose!

a girl drinking out of a reusable water bottle eco friendly office supplies company culture unique company swag remote employees promotional productsThough water bottles can be big and bulky, the right sleek design can make it all worth it. Plus, the drinkware you choose to customize for your brand can say a lot about your mission.

For example, something trendy and hip will better appeal to a younger crowd, while something insulated might be good for those who are always on the go.

Not quite interested in handing out custom bottles? High-quality coffee mugs are another fantastic route you can go. There’s nothing better than coffee swag for those early-rising grinders out there!

#6. All-over print socks

It’s easy to forget about the feet when it comes to picking out swag items. But some classy socks can be the perfect way to elevate your brand and business in an unsuspecting way.

Not only is it a unique way to showcase your organization’s style, but they’re also able to make your client’s daily jogs a bit more comforting. Plus, they make for the perfect gift during the holidays!

#7. Casual bucket hats

Custom headwear creates the perfect chance for people to show off their individual tastes and edge. Bucket hats are an emerging way for hipsters and athletes alike to shield their eyes from the sun while embracing originality and flair.

double portion supply the tan palms bucket hat company swag items company swag ideas company swag ideas coffee mugs promotional products
The Tan Palms Bucket Hat from Double Portion Supply

Bonus: 7 Ways To Wear Your Bucket Hats

But bucket hats aren’t just about keeping up with the latest trends in fashion. They’re also about giving your business the edge when it comes to custom swag and branded apparel. After all, there aren’t a lot of companies out there that line their shelves with custom caps like these!

#8. Laptop cases

Whether you’re looking to get high-quality swag items for your employees or your clients, laptop bags or cases are a fantastic route to go. Especially if you’re shopping for holiday gifts for your remote employees, laptop cases are one of the best options out there!

an older man working on his laptop with a shoulder bag corporate swag corporate swag top company swag ideas great swag corporate swag swag boxLaptop cases and backpacks are one of the top company swag ideas for employees and customers alike. In this digital day and age, nearly everyone has a laptop or other electronic device that they need to lug around, and this just makes it that much easier to do so.

If you want to take it in a unique direction, try customizing the laptop bags with an inspirational quote that defines your company values. That’s an easy way to take your brand recognition to the next level in a tasteful way!

#9. Fanny packs

If you thought fanny packs were a thing of the past, you ought to think again. These convenient bags are not only easy to lug around and fill with everyday essentials but easy to customize as well.

a man wearing a fanny pack and camo hat sitting by a window company swag company swag great ideas custom box gifting swag boxesYou don’t need to resort to an off-brand or cliche company swag idea to carry you through. Instead, going for something hip and trendy like fanny packs will draw some positive and glowing attention to your brand.

And that’s exactly what it needs!

With a touch of color and a dash of branding, these seemingly simple hip-lying accessories will finish off their modern comeback on your store’s shelves.

#10. Cozy robes

After everyone spent a good chunk of the past couple of years working from home, we all got accustomed to wearing pretty comfy attire around the house. This unique company swag item is perfect for showing your employees, clients, or fans that you know how to lean back and rest after taking care of business.

Though personalized robes might seem like something purely out of a five-star resort, there’s no reason why you can’t encourage those around you to have one at home. After a day of hard work, there’s nothing better than the gift of luxurious relaxation.

#11. Personalized notebooks

Though journaling might seem like something you only do after going through a teenage breakup, there are plenty of reasons why even the adult version of you could benefit from jotting down your thoughts. And there are also plenty of reasons why it’s worth it to send out some personalized notebooks with your company’s branding on them too!

a girl writing in a notebook team building event promotional items fitness gear custom swag boxes create swag custom jacketsSometimes, a handy dandy notebook can be the key to helping your employees stay a bit more organized, too. There are countless ways your target audience could utilize their bound pages.

Even in our digital world, a tastefully customized notebook can be a touching way to reconnect people to reality. It’s a quality swag item that can really set apart your brand identity from the rest.

Wrapping up

Promotional items and good company swag are important for many reasons. Treating your hard-working team to a swag box can boost employee morale while handing out ball caps with a cool company logo can showcase your unique brand identity.

There are so many reasons why selecting company swag is an essential part of building a business. It’s more than a marketing tool. It’s a way to connect your brand with people out there who care about supporting what you stand for.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt when your company swag ideas help those donning them to stay trendy and stylish. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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